Bird On A Chain

Bird On a Chain

It’s sentiment is pretty self explanatory, I wanted it to sound pretty desolate. The tune was written whilst walking, I think I initially probably had in mind some kind of Tom Waits piano ballad. I wanted the chorus to be very direct and honest, with the verses quite oblique, a scrapbook of feelings and experiences, things you notice when you’re feeling slightly delirious.

I like the harmonies at the end, it’s the only time on the record where all five of us are singing at the same time, it gives the album a gentle wave goodbye.

When the song was demoed Jim and I decided that it should have a fanfare at the end I think even then we knew it would probably end the album. The horn fanfare on the demo was done by Jim with a megaphone, it’s a shame that when we came to record it for the album we could never quite replicate the sound of that initial demo because it sounded amazing, the horns do a good job though of putting the album to bed.