An Introduction

GHA - Long Distance Song Effects

I’ll give you a brief background to the record so that some of these notes make sense. In 2010 we embarked on a European tour playing to sometimes handfuls, sometimes hundreds of people across Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. When we arrived in Luzern, Switzerland we met an unassuming but warm man backstage by the name of Tobi Gmür. After explaining our problems in securing a place to record our “difficult second album” Tobi foolishly/generously stated that if we ever wanted to demo some songs that we could use his studio. He had no idea that we would turn up the very next morning at 9am to record a song that none of us had ever heard or played before. He probably also had little notion that John & I would return 2 weeks later hoping to demo 25 new songs in the space of a week. We returned again and again, including a month-long stint with the whole band in the summer 2011. After some vocal and orchestral sessions in London we finally had a fully formed but unmixed double album. This album was then brutally cut down to 11 tracks when saner minds took control of the project which has become our 2nd album: Long Distance Song Effects.